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Master Switch

100-600 A

MASTER SWITCH is a static transfer switch commonly used within power continuity applications to improve resilience. The system can be used in conjunction with UPS or as separate standalone devices.

MASTER SWITCH adds a source of redundancy to a critical installation and automatically transfers the connected load between two separate AC power sources. The transfer can be automatic when an input power supply fails outside set tolerances or be manually forced using the front panel keypad or remotely via a communications network.

In the event that one of the two power sources does not return to the accepted tolerance values, the MASTER SWITCH will transfer the other loads over to the second power source (this happens instantly if the two sources are in phase).

Overloads and load faults
In the event of an overload or fault condition, the internal protection system within the STS device can be configured to disconnect power at defined levels. In the extreme situation of a downstream short circuit MASTER SWITCH can disconnect the load to prevent disruption.

  • Full protection of critical industrial and IT applications against power failures and faults on the load.
  • Full microprocessor control which guarantees:
    • fast and safe transfer between the power sources.
    • monitoring of all parameters on the LCD display.
    • Constant control of the SCRs
    • Remote advanced diagnostics (RS232 and TCP/IP)
  • Redundant power circuits:
    • Power is supplied to the internal logic by two separate and independent power circuits that are hot swappable so as to ensure no break in the supply to the loads.
    • In the event that the power supplied by both sources fails, full system operation is guaranteed by the Power Supply Backup function that provides backup power to the circuits from an external, independent standby power source.
  • High protection
    • In the event of an output short circuit, MASTER SWITCH will block the transfer between the two power sources eliminating the risk of propagating the short circuit and its effects on the other loads.
    • A backfeed control circuit will trigger automatic protection devices to avoid energy feeding back to one of the inputs of the MASTER SWITCH.
    • MASTER SWITCH has double redundant ventilation called “fan redundancy plus”. Thanks to this function, in the remote possibility that two fans both fail at the same time, the others would still be able to dissipate the heat generated at nominal load. The fans can be hot swapped so as to ensure no break in system operation during the repair.
  • Easy front access
    • power cable connections are easily accessed with entry from below
    • board slots are positioned in a dedicated area to allow rapid diagnosis/replacement
    • all parts subject to controls, maintenance and/or replacement.


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